Terence MixTerence (Terry) Mix graduated from the University of Southern California and Hastings College of Law in San Francisco. He began his practice on January 4, 1967, when he officially became a member of the California State Bar. In over 40 years of practice he has actively engaged in litigation against most of the major pharmaceutical companies in the United States. He has battled against a number of manufacturers of various pharmaceutical drugs and products such as Clomid (clomiphene citrate), diethylstilbestrol (DES), oral contraceptives, progestins, L-tryptophan, phisoHex, as well as manufacturers of medical devices. As a seasoned trial lawyer, he has experienced countless trials, numerous inspection trips to pharmaceutical plants, not to mention reviews of countless scientific and medical documents which are in the care of corporate defendants.

In 1974, his verdict against the company that manufactures Clomid was ground-breaking. Terry was later invited by the FDA to testify before the Obstetrics and Gynecology Advisory Committee. During the hearing he presented his theory, the “Mix Hypothesis,” as it is known at the FDA, which focuses on the effect of Clomid as well as other fertility drugs on the chromosomes in the human embryo.

The author conducted his own study on the premarket clinical investigations for Clomid, based on records provided by the manufacturer. This went on for 18 months between 1977 and 1979, which convinced Terry of the accuracy and validation of the Mix Hypothesis. He forwarded the results to the FDA in order to have the manufacturer include written warnings with the drug. In the year 1981, the FDA ordered the drug company to provide written warnings about the risk of birth defects in their Clomid package insert, due to the multiple efforts of the author. However, this mandate has remained unheeded by the pharmaceutical company up to this date. 

In that same year, Terence Mix became the president of what is now known as the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles. He also sat on the Board of Governors of the California Trial Lawyers Association, now more widely known as the Consumer Attorneys of California, for 12 consecutive years. He has lectured and written about litigation techniques and strategies, as well as the prosecution and trial of drug product cases. Aside from being a former biographee in Who’s Who in California (1983) and Who’s Who in American Law (1985), he has also published another non-fiction book, The Price of Ovulation – The Truth About Fertility Drugs and Birth Defects, and a Solution To The Problem in 2009, which has received numerous awards, including winning 7 national book awards. His work of fiction, A Question of Judgment, was also published by Bantam in 1985.

Terry, being an outspoken critic of the FDA as well as the pharmaceutical industry, has been interviewed countless times by the electronic media. He and his wife, Janet, were blessed with two sons and a daughter and currently reside in Santa Barbara, California.